Haydar Aliyev Eurasia Studies Research and Application Center


Afghanistan: How and Why did the Peace Process Fail?

1 April 2022
The abrupt flee of then-President Ghani was conceived to be a major cause for the failure of peace efforts in Doha and the collapse of the state in Afghanistan. Regardless of the two statements issued by Mr. Ghani from ...Devamını Oku

INTERVIEW: “Could Russia and Ukraine be ready for real negotiation?”

31 March 2022
UVA Russia expert Allen Lynch talks with Russian TV Channel 24 about prospects to end Russia’s assault Fyodor Lukyanov, chair of Russia’s Presidium of the Presidential Council on Defense and Foreign Affairs and host of the weekly ...Devamını Oku

PANEL:  “Ukrainian War and its Effects on Central Asia”

29 March 2022
The Russia-Ukraine War affects not only the two warring countries but also all states by direct and indirect means. One of the affected regions is Central Asia, which has significant fields of partnership with Russia. In this context, the ...Devamını Oku

“All Wars End”

15 March 2022
UVA Russia expert Allen Lynch analyzes how the Russian invasion of Ukraine might come to a close Defense scholar Fred Ikle famously noted that “all wars end.” Moreover, they almost always end via negotiations and not the physical annihilation of ...Devamını Oku

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